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Getting Started in 2016

#WalkMYWORLD (1)This Pre-Learning Event’s Summary is sharable:

In #WalkMyWorld #LE0 you will send a tweet out to the hashtag, introduce yourself & include address to your website

Welcome to the #WalkMyWorld Project 2016. If this is your first time hearing about the project, we recommend clicking on the title in the header at the top of this page to go back to the home page and start from there. Alternatively, you can click on the menu button (it looks like three horizontal lines) while you’re in the header. The header and these two sets of links will always be there.

Using support & scaffolds. For the #WalkMyWorld Project, we will lead you through 10 Learning Events (LE). For each LE, we’ll list a basic way to read, write, and connect with the community. We’d like you to push further if you can. You may also need to find an entry point for yourself or your learners. You can reach out for more support in multiple ways. First, we’ve built tutorials in to this site for everything you might need…most pieces are linked nearby on the page. Second, you can reach out to the #WalkMyWorld hashtag and ask for support in a tweet. Third, you can leave a comment at the bottom of any page and we’ll be there ASAP to help out. 🙂

Using Twitter. As we get started with the 2016 iteration of the #WalkMyWorld Project, we’d like you to start using Twitter and introduce yourself to the community. You might have to create a Twitter account, and figure out exactly how to use Twitter. Please review the following Twitter tutorial page that we’ve developed to help you. As you get started with Twitter, please send out a tweet introducing yourself to the hashtag #WalkMyWorld to say hello to the community. See who reaches back out with a Favorite, RT, or sends you a message back.

Using a website/blog. We also recommend that you start up your own website or blog if you haven’t already. If you are interested in creating your own website or blog for use during the project and beyond please check out our blogging tutorial. We’ll provide support for you as you investigate and build up these sites. Please share the URL (address) for your website out to the community using the #WalkMyWorld hashtag. We’ll use this information to connect all of the blogs and websites to make it easier to keep us connected.

What Do You With My Stuff?

This is research that is conducted in the open. The facilitators are also researchers and educators that are playing and learning along with you. We think it is important that you understand your rights and privileges as we work openly in this online space. As a result, we have developed our Privacy and Research Guidelines. Please review them. If they are not acceptable…please reach out and let’s change it.

To learn more about why you should get involved, read the Why are you here page.

Have Fun & Connect

Once again, take this first week to get started, get your feet wet, and think about how to connect and use Twitter. We’ll be working openly as we learn and connect online.

For now…we want you to sit back and have fun.

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