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Research in 2014

Work with the 2014 version of the #WalkMyWorld Project was printed in the MIT Civic Media Reader.

We also included framing of the theory and perspectives from that first year, as well as discussion/implications of that work. Finally, participants also earned badges in 2014 for their work in the project.

Research in 2015

Results from the 2015 iteration of the #WalkMyWorld Project were also presented at the annual conference of the Literacy Research Association. Work from this session by Wise and O’Byrne was later published in the Literacy Research: Theory, Methods, and Practice journal.

The #WalkMyWorld Project was also highlighted in a publication by Rish and Pytash in NCTE’s Voices from the Middle and the accompanying podcast.

The following video was created by O’Byrne and McVerry and shared at the K12 Online Conference 2015. You can view the teaser for the video here.

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