Why are you here?

Why should you share a walk in your world with us?

#WalkMyWorld is an opportunity to expand the classroom into the world outside the classroom. In a world that shrinks with every new technological advance, students (and adults) need to have the skills to interact with a variety of cultures and world views in the digital realm. This project is a low stress and fun way to explore identity and form connections in a digital environment while still meeting the expectations of content instruction.

Digital media is changing the way students learn, and educators need to address these new learning style. The benefit is a broad worldview that encompasses multiple cultures and shared knowledge. The #WalkMyWorld project becomes an affinity space wherein participants share both knowledge and life experiences as a way to form interpersonal relationships and create a fuller understanding of the literature discussed.

Another perk to participating in #WalkMyWorld is a unique opportunity to build a Personal Learning Network (PLN). The open nature of the project means that participants from a variety of locations, backgrounds, and cultures post different points of view that can enlighten others. Networking among professionals and students brings together both sides of the educational page, allowing teachers to become facilitators and students to be content creators. Learning together enhances the experience and the connections formed can lead to partnerships and collaboration beyond the initial event.

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