Learning Events from 2021

The following learning events (LE) are posted for the 2021 iteration of the #WalkMyWorld Project.

Please feel free to edit, revise, or hack away at the following activities for your own learning and development. The texts, directions, and “assignments” in each LE are merely starting points. You should find your own entry point for yourself and your learners.

Getting Started in 2021 (#LE0)

Who Are You? (#LE1)

Where I Begin (#LE2)

Where I’m From (#LE3)

Shape Of My Story (#LE4)

A Turning Point (#LE5)

Recognizing the Details (#LE6)

Where I’m Going (#LE7)

Our Magnum Opus (#LE8)

Soundtrack Of Your Life (#LE9)

Please feel free to share these out on Twitter using the #WalkMyWorld hashtag.

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