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Hear My Home

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#WalkMyWorld #hearmyhome #LE7 – Hear My Home. Record/Make, recognize, & share the soul, spirit, and sounds of home. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Welcome to Learning Event #7 (#LE7) for #WalkMyWorld 2016. We’re once again teaming up with our friends in the #hearmyhome project for this learning event.

In the last learning event, we celebrated the miracle in the mundane. We asked that you identify a sound, or constant rhythm or hum that you might find immediately around you. In this we asked that pause, reflect, and witness life around you.

In this next learning event, we’ll once again dig deeper to connect to connect to who you are, and hear my home.

Take into consideration

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. – Ansel Adams

Home is generally defined as a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a group or family. Home is also embedded in human consciousness. Home is loosely framed as home, and everything else is not-home.

Home includes a psychological connection that sometimes draws up back at some point. We might grow accustomed to the “not home” places, but they might call us back at some point. What does it sound like when you listen for that call from “home?

To help you think about possible sounds to focus your work, you might want to check out the “home sounds” section on SoundSnap. It is an opportunity to hear what home sounds like for others.

Your Response

Do you ever have a buzzing in your ear? A persistent sound within your workplace? In other words, how does the tick of the clock, the tapping of keys, or the slamming of lockers fill the “between” space of your everyday and the tempo of time?

In learning event six for the #WalkMyWorld project, we asked that you share the mundane sounds that make up your environment. We ask you to continue this experience and make it a bit more personal.

What occurs in the “in-between” sounds of the day? The ambient noise within the quiet of a moment, or the rhythmic rituals of your home? Is it the ring of a bell or timer? The screams of children or screeching of wheels on the street? Does it include the closing of a drawer, the shuffle of feet, or the muffled cough of a colleague? Maybe snow under feet or the tapping of toes to a beat?

As you listen this week, consider the sounds surrounding you as you pass between rooms, buildings, and streets. Capture these sonic experiences. You might choose to use Soundcloud to record and share this.

Write a blog post that shares your recorded content and more context about your home. Describe the place, space, time, and tempo. As in previous learning events, upload your contribution using the #WalkMyWorld and #hearmyhome hashtags and return to the site later this week to listen to what others have heard.

Please include #LE7 to indicate the learning event. You may also include a hashtag to recognize your own learning network.

A guiding example

As you try to capture, or recreate the sounds that you consider as you hear my home, please also listen to the work from Steph Ceraso as she records and remixes sounds from her environments.

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