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A Turning Point

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#WalkMyWorld #LE5 – A Turning Point. Use your voice & sounds from your world to share an obstacle or roadblock in your story and how you overcame it.

Welcome to Learning Event #5 (#LE5) for #WalkMyWorld 2016.

Over the last two learning events, you’ve shared a story that has meaning to you, and more about the story of you. Over the next couple of learning events, we’ll get a bit more granular as we unpack your story. To get started, we examine a turning point in your story.

Take into consideration

Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what. – Harper Lee

As we examine our own lives, we can usually identify times that we’ve experienced a turning point, or roadblocks of some kind. If we continue to think of our lives as a story, these turning points are usually identified as the climax of the narrative.

The challenge in relating this to our own lives is knowing that the outcome could be positive or negative after the turning point. There is also the challenge of identifying the climax of our story as we’re still living it. It’s also hard to foretell the future and know whether the outcome will be positive or negative before the conclusion of our story.

An example of this comes from the artist Lecrae. In his song Outsiders, he discusses the challenges in his life, and being an anomaly in the system. Within these confines, he chooses to deviate from expectations and create his own path.

Your Response

Think of the chain of events in your own story up to this point. What turning point, or roadblock sticks out to you? What challenges have you overcome? Use your voice and the sounds of your world to illustrate the anomalies of your narrative. How could you use sound to define the trials and tribulations you’ve encountered?

Write a blog post that shares your response and more context about a turning point in your life. Once again, you can chose to be as honest or veiled in your response as you would like. Please remember the discussions we’ve had up to this point about your digital identity and the ways that you develop it.

Tweet out a link to this post to #WalkMyWorld and your online spaces. You may also chose to reach out to Lecrae or others on the #WalkMyWorld hashtag to share how their words and sounds guided you.

Please include #LE5 to indicate the learning event. You may also include a hashtag to recognize your own learning network.

A guiding example

As you consider a turning point in your life that you’d like to share, please review the video below about Steven Claunch and how he overcame obstacles. Click here to hear Steven tell his story.

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