Virtual High Five

Welcome to Learning Event Two of the #WalkMyWorld Project 2015.

Who are you? Who do you connect with? Who is in your community?

San Francisco, CA
flickr photo by Keoki Seu shared under a CC BY-NC-SA license

Once again, as you consider your community or colleagues, and how they impact your life, this could be a real, or virtual community. As you consider the communities that you connect with, think about how you formed these connections. Was it a mutual friend? Was it a shared interest? Was it taking the first step and saying hello?

How might you reach out and connect with others in the #WalkMyWorld community? How could you give or receive a virtual high five? What would it look like?

Your response for the second learning event

Share a photo or a representation of you. This could be a photo, video, avatar, symbol, graphic, gif, etc. In a tweet to #WalkMyWorld, share the representation of your identity to the community. Say hello and introduce yourself to the group. Ask someone to reach out and say hello back.

After you have sent out your tweet, take a day or two and look at the others that are reaching out and sharing representations of their identity. Find and respond to someone else who is sharing content using the #WalkMyWorld hashtag. Connect with that user. Give them a virtual high five!!!

A guiding example

One of our organizers, Kate Booth from Australia recently gave Melvina Kurashige a virtual high five for making her first bridge in Minecraft. Kate gave Melvina a virtual bunch of flowers for her building efforts and she reciprocated by sending back a bunch to thank her for the thought.



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