Reflect On Your Identity

Welcome to Learning Event Three of the #WalkMyWorld Project 2015.

Who are you becoming? Who would you rather be? What type of identity are you developing online as opposed to face-to-face?

flickr photo by tamaki shared under a CC BY-NC-ND license
flickr photo by tamaki shared under a CC BY-NC-ND license

As you create and share online using Twitter and other digital texts and tool, you’re creating and curating a digital identity. For some of you, this identity is exactly like your primary face-to-face identity. For some of you, this digital identity is somewhat different. Some of you might already have a digital identity established, and this new work in the #WalkMyWorld Project is establishing a dual, or multiple identities online.

What are the different sides of your personality? Are you a weed or a flower? What discourses do you use in different spaces? Do you have different identities in different places? How do you want others to view you? How much of your world do you let people see?

Your response for the third learning event

flickr photo by Kaptain Kobold shared under a CC BY-NC-SA license
flickr photo by Kaptain Kobold shared under a CC BY-NC-SA license

Read and annotate Identity by Julio Noboa Polanco. Read and annotate The Rose That Grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur. Think about how the authors describe their identities and wishes in the text.

Share a surprising side of yourself that tells something about your world. Be creative and use the poems to drive your response using images, video, text, and/or audio. You may want to combine them all.

In a tweet to the #WalkMyWorld hashtag, share out a link to this work that you’ve created. You might chose to share this work on a blog post, or using a page on the digital front door many of you created previously. We urge you to play and be creative in your expression. Go to the Maker Menu if needed for ideas and tutorials on how to present your response.
Be sure to stay active on the #WalkMyWorld hashtag to see what other people share.

A guiding example

One of our organizers, Ian O’Byrne created and shared this side of himself that he rarely (never) shares openly online. Last year in learning event five of the #WalkMyWorld Project, Ian was moved and motivated by the work, expression and tools shared by others as he reviewed the makes that people shared on the hashtag. He decided to think about a moment in his life that defines him, and add that to the digital identity that he is still actively constructing.
He wrote a poem about the moment, added it to Genius to allow others to annotate, and then used a tool that he’d never used (Zeega) to create a share a multimodal rendition of this work. He posted this all to a page on his blog and shared it out to the #WalkMyWorld hashtag.

CC BY-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.