Opening new doors

Welcome to Learning Event One of the #WalkMyWorld Project 2015.

This first learning event will have you reaching out, and sharing the walk in your world. As we begin the project, we’d like you to think about opening new doors to others. As we start connecting with others, we’d like you to consider two things.

Where are you? What do you consider to be your “world”?

We would like you to think about where is your literal, or real world door? If you think about your literal door, then where, or what would you consider to be your digital door?

For example, this could be your main presence, or world online. This could also be your entry point into the #WalkMyWorld project. As you think about your literal, and digital door, why did you choose this?

Your response for the first learning event

Take a photo of your door in your current space, through a doorway you travel daily, or out the front door of your home. In a tweet to #WalkMyWorld, share your photo and the Twitter handle and/or URL to indicate where you’re tweeting from.

You can decide to just share this content as a link in a tweet, or publish your share to a blog. You might share a Facebook page, Google+ page, Weebly page, Wix page, Wiki, etc.
If possible, add a geotag to your post to link to the shared #WalkMyWorld map. Keep mind that you might choose to not share your location. That is absolutely fine. We’ll review and revise the tags you share to the map over time.

A guiding example

One of our organizers, Kate Booth, considered what she believed to her literal, and digital front door. She shared the photo of the green door up at the top of this page. She also wanted to share a link to her Twitter page, and her classroom blog. She would include all of this information in a new blog post, share the post out to the #WalkMyWorld hashtag, and then geotag the post from the map.
What will you share? Have fun. Be creative. Enjoy. 🙂

CC BY-SA 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.