flickr photo by Spyros Papaspyropoulos shared under a CC BY-NC-ND license

Getting Started with Twitter

This is the Pre-Learning Event of #WalkMyWorld 2015.
As we get started with the 2015 iteration of the #WalkMyWorld Project, we’d like you to start using Twitter and introduce yourself to the community.
To get started, you might have to create a Twitter account, and figure out exactly how to use Twitter. Please review the following Twitter tutorials that we’ve developed to help you. As you get started with Twitter, please send out a tweet introducing yourself to the hashtag #WalkMyWorld to say hello to the community. See who reaches back out with a Favorite, RT, or sends you a message back.

Add Some Multimodal Content

You might also take a picture of your location, your world, or even a selfie and send it in to the #WalkMyWorld hashtag. You could take a picture of the group of people you’re learning with and send it in to the #WalkMyWorld hashtag.

Pin Yourself to the Map

We’re interested in playing with maps and figuring out where our worlds intersect as we walk in each other’s worlds. To pin yourself to the project map, please review this tutorial. To look at the map and see where everyone is located…please review this page.

What Do You With My Stuff?

Finally, this is research that is conducted in the open. The facilitators are also researchers and educators that are playing and learning along with you. We think it is important that you understand your rights and privileges as we work openly in this online space. As a result, we have developed our Privacy and Research Guidelines. Please review them. If they are not acceptable…please reach out and let’s change it.

Most of All…Have Fun & Connect

Once again, take this first week to get started, get your feet wet, and think about how to connect and use Twitter. We’ll be working openly and exploring our identities as we connect online. None of that really matters right now. We want you to sit back and have fun. 🙂

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