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Week Two of #WalkMyWorld 2014


Welcome to the first official week of the #WalkMyWorld Project. To learn more about the project, please review the materials in the initial blog post.

The #WalkMyWorld Project asks individuals to share a piece of multimodal content (image, video, audio?) that gives us a chance to take a peek into their world for a brief “walk.” This content is shared once a week for ten weeks on Twitter using the #WalkMyWorld hashtag.

Over the past week our goal was to get the news out there, have people sign up for Twitter…and have them PLAY. Many of the individuals that are starting off on this project are graduate students that have varying degrees of experience with Twitter, or online social networks in general. In project we’re also actively, aggressively “nudging” notions of text, reading, writing, and “academic literacy.” To that end,  last week had a relatively low entry point: start a Twitter account; post a tweet; follow someone; play with Vine/Instagram/digital content.

That being said, there has been an incredible amount of sharing already on Twitter. Ryan Rish and his students “called us all out” on Twitter.

Kevin Hodgson gently gave us a warning about the dangers of live-tweeting our world.



With that I’ll leave you to get started on the first week of the #WALKMYWORLD project. Take the first step. Remember to please share (at least) once a week for ten weeks. Please include the #WALKMYWORLD hashtag in your posts on Twitter. I’ll give you the same exhortation that I gave students last night in class.

Go out there and PLAY. Play with digital texts and tools. Play with what it means to read and write online and offline. Play with these representations of our identities and spaces. In life we’re given very few opportunities to play with, and experiment with new ideas. Right now there are a lot of people online…trying to figure out Twitter, trying to figure out Vine or Instagram, trying to figure out what this all means. In effect, we’re all online together learning, connecting, and playing with digital texts and tools. Join us all as we play together. And…if you get excited by the images, videos, or comics that you see and you want to push yourself to new horizons and types of expression…good. Go do it. Give us new models to get us excited and push our thinking.


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