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Twitter Tutorial


What is Twitter?

Twitter is a communication tool that allows participants to provide updates in 140 characters or less. Educators from across the world use Twitter. The benefit of Twitter is that it is an open and global conversation. There are several elements of an individual tweet that you need to pay attention to as you use Twitter.


How do I get started?

Please use this step by step guide to creating a twitter Account:

Step One: Create an Account

  1. Go to Twitter.
  2. Choose Sign-Up
  3. Enter your name (your real name or a pseudonym).
  4. Choose a password. Make sure you choose a secure password.

twitter sing-in

Step Two: Two Factor Authentication

  1. While you can skip this step it is NOT RECOMMENDED.
  2. Twitter will text you a code to sign in. This is called two factor authentication. You need your password and a code.
  3. You only do this once or if you need password recovery.



4. When you get your code click verify.


Step Three: Choose your username

  1. After entering your verification code you will choose your username
  2. Usernames are one word. Avoid using underscores
  3. You may want to choose shorter names to save characters.
  4. You will get a warning message if your name is picked.

twittertwo factor

Step Four: Follow the Twitter on-Boarding Screens

Twitter will take you through a series of screens to find users aligned to your interest. You may skip and find your own followers.



Step Five: Upload an Image

  1. You next upload a profile picture
  2. It is important to upload an image. Nobody trusts an egg (default image).



Step Six: Recommended Followers

  1. The final step is Twitter’s recommended followers. You may skip this step
  2. Followers are found using your GPS, contacts (if you authorize) and topics.



How do I Tweet?

  1. To send a new tweet click on the “Tweet” button in the upper-left corner.
  2. You then have a text box pop up. As long as you include the hashtag #walkmyworld people will find your stuff.
  3. You get a 140 characters to share your thoughts with the world.

How to Tweet

4. To add a picture click on Media

5. Select the image and send along. Tweets with images often make a greater impact.


6. To mention someone on Twitter just include their handle.


How Do I connect with #WalkMyWorld?

#Walkmyworld is organized around the hashtag. While this hashtag is used on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks our primary way to meet will be through Twitter.Twitter will push people to follow but look for ideas not users.

  1. Search Twitter for hashtag #walkmyworld.


2. While searching for the hashtag will be the easiest way to catch up you may want to follow some of the people who are joining us.

3. First hover over their name. A profile box will appear.

4. Click on the icon with the + sign next to it to follow someone.


Learn More About Twitter

Please review the video below for more guidance on how to get started, and what to consider while interacting on Twitter. This video is a screencast using Hangouts-on-Air by O’Byrne from one of his classes.

You can also review the following video below to learn more about possible educational uses of Twitter.

How do I discuss on Twitter?

Every week discussions occur in real-time on a variety of topics. You can follow the discussions using hashtags. A hashtag is identified by the “#” sign.

There are numerous other hashtags and chats that may interest you. To view a full list of discussions please click here. Here are just a few:

  • #edchat – A weekly discussion (2x on Tuesday) on a participant chosen topic
  • #HipHopEd – A weekly discussion on hip hop culture and education.
  • #edtechchat – A hashtag used by educational technology enthusiasts
  • #STEM – A hashtag used by educators discussing issues in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education

Even more about Twitter…

Can Twitter Boost Literacy? From NPR News – “Despite complaints that Twitter kills language, there’s evidence that social media can be used to enhance reading and writing. Guest host Celeste Headlee learns more from Rey Junco, of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.”

Getting Started with Twitter in the Classroom. From the Teaching Channel – “Students also learned about the responsibilities that come with having an online presence—starting in the kindergarten classroom.”


Twitter has place in the classroom. From CNN

Using Twitter effectively in education with Alec Couros

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