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Blogging Tutorial

#WalkMyWorld works best when you help make our world. If you are ready to move beyond Twitter we suggest you try blogging or building a teacher website. You need to tell your story and the best way to do this is to create a digital hub. The Web works best when it is owned by the users. One of the first steps in shaping your digital idenity is to design a space where you own your content and then push this content out on social media channels such as Twitter.
This allows us to share and curate your walks with others. More importantly by building a website or blog you begin to define the future of the Web. We encourage #WalkMyWorld participants who have never built a website or blog to try one of these tools:, or Medium.

Using Medium

Medium is a great blogging platform for those more interested in a clean and crisp writing environment. Medium also acts as a social network of authors and readers. Most importantly they allow users to own their own data, freely export it whenever, and syndicate to and from Medium. It is a great place for a new blogger.

These posts should help you as you use Medium:

Using WordPress.Com is the shared hosting version of WordPress. Much of the Web runs on WordPress sites and you can use the free version to get started.

Getting Started

First visit the site for creating a new blog.

You will add a URL and an email address. Once you choose your password you can get started.

Next customize your blog. You can select themes and add header images.

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Publishing your First Post

Say hello to the world. Any hesitations you may have and In a post tell us why you joined #WalkMyWorld and what you hope to learn. Share the post on Twitter using the #WalkMyWorld hashtag.

Syndicating through RSS

We will use RSS to create a public feed of all blogs involved in #WalkMyWorld. If you would like your blog added use this form.

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